BAS/1C:ERP (1C: Enterprise) is *Russian ERP system, which is intended for the automation of business processes of various enterprises.


The main features of BAS/1C:ERP include:


  1. Integration of business processes - 1C:ERP provides full integration of business processes of the enterprise into a single information system.
  2. Financial management - the system allows you to manage the company's finances, including accounting, tax accounting, banking and budget management.
  3. Sales and purchase management - 1C:ERP allows you to manage the sales and purchase process, including control over orders, invoices, payments, shipments and warehouse stocks.
  4. Production management - the system allows you to manage the production process, including production planning, materials management, quality control and management of production operations.
  5. Personnel management - 1C:ERP includes a personnel management module that allows you to manage personnel processes, including timekeeping, payroll management, vacation and sick leave management.
  6. Analytics and reporting – the system provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that allow the enterprise to make the right management decisions.
  7. Flexibility and customizability - 1C:ERP is a flexible system that allows you to customize it to the specific needs of the enterprise and industry.
  8. Availability - 1C:ERP is available for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as for various industries.
  9. Support – the system provides extensive user support, including consultation, training and technical support.


The general characteristic of BAS/1C:ERP is ease of use, high functionality and low cost of ownership compared to other ERP systems, but it should be borne in mind that *use of BAS/1C:ERP on the territory of Ukraine can create difficulties from a moral point of view, legislation, reporting and the possibility of integration with Ukrainian and international systems.

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