How to overcome problems with ERP implementation, project infrastructure design

ERP, one of the widely used integrated software packages, is the ideal partner for your business life. This contributes to the increase in the efficiency of the use of business resources, helps to make a profit with the minimum use of resources.


Today, ERP is an important tool used by business owners in all types of business strategies, including small and medium-sized companies. There are many ways to use an ERP software package in an organization. The process of implementing an ERP system will depend on the needs and functions of the company. Before implementing an ERP package for an organization, it is recommended to do a thorough research to ensure security and good performance.


Modular implementation method, phase-based implementation method, modular implementation method, big bang method, and process-oriented implementation method are some of the common methods used to implement an ERP software system. The occurrence of errors or malfunctions is one of the problems that organizations often report. Lack of proper planning or coordination will cause many problems in the implementation process.


Competent design of the infrastructure of the project - the main solution to the problem of ERP implementation. This helps to minimize errors and reduce the number of work failures. This is the best solution for achieving benefits with proper resource management.


Before designing the infrastructure of the project, it is recommended to study the software package thoroughly to reduce the number of errors. Unrealistic project planning is one of the most frequent problems in the ERP implementation system. During project development, realistic planning is recommended so that employees can implement the project practically.


Choosing the right ERP package according to the needs of the company is very important to prevent implementation problems. Factors such as the quality of service, maintenance, and support offered by the vendor play an important role in overcoming ERP implementation challenges.


Professional efficiency of team members, the size of the package and the functional tools provided in the software package are some of the key factors that play a leading role in project resource management. A good management team staffed by professionals helps to make decisions faster and without mistakes.


Training base for employees is the main requirement for overcoming problems with ERP implementation. Proper training is a very important factor in getting started with a new system package and its features. Providing the necessary resources is the main solution to ERP implementation problems.


When planning to implement a new system software package, it is recommended to select package with convenient error control management. Estimating hidden costs before ERP implementation is a good solution to minimize ERP implementation problems.


Integration costs, testing, data analysis, conversion, training, and customization are among the hidden costs associated with using ERP. Proper communication between the supplier and the company is the main factor affecting the productivity of the company. To avoid problems with ERP implementation, it is recommended to have good support from the vendor.

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