Bitrix24 is a cloud-based business management platform that includes tools for managing projects, tasks, contacts, sales and more.


Key features of Bitrix24 include:


  1. Communications and Collaboration – Bitrix24 provides tools for communication, collaboration and file sharing within the company, including chats, video calls, document and task sharing.
  2. Management of tasks and projects - the system allows you to manage tasks, projects and work deadlines, including linking to a calendar, assigning tasks and assigning responsible people.
  3. Contact and customer management - the system allows you to manage contacts and customers, including keeping track of interaction history, maintaining a CRM database and managing sales.
  4. Marketing and advertising – Bitrix24 provides tools for managing marketing campaigns, including creating landing pages, email newsletters and social media campaigns.
  5. Analytics and reporting – the system allows you to analyze business processes and generate reports on various parameters, including reports on sales, tasks and projects.
  6. Integration with other services Bitrix24 may integrate with other applications and services, including social networks, data storage services and other tools.
  7. Security and data protection - the system provides a high level of security and protection of customer data, including data encryption and automatic backups.
  8. Personalization - Bitrix24 allows you to customize the interface and functionality to the specific needs of the company, including creating your own applications and widgets.
  9. Mobility – the system has a mobile application for business management from any device and anywhere.
  10. Cost – Bitrix24 provides different pricing plans, including free, allowing companies to choose the most suitable option.

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